Friday, November 11, 2011

Work look

I know, I know, no review or anything of the sorts yesterday...
Here's something to make up for it ^.^

Pretty Addictions' Electric Lemonade (inner corners) and Obnoxious( middle), and Maybelline On-The-Loose rollerball shadow in Skate til Midnight (think that's the name...) on the outer.

I really like the way this picture came out ^

Anyways, just a quick little look for today... And now some ramblings..
I'd say TGIF, but honestly, that really doesn't matter right now..I'm off tomorrow, so maybe I'll just relax with a few drinks tonight, since I won't have to work in the morning...I'm dying to go back to the flea market. It feels like we haven't been in forever, but we're still trying to do this ''no spend november'' thing,'d be pointless to go. You have to pay to park, for one. ( only $1, but's spending money). For two (is that right? Looks funny...), it is next to impossible for me to leave the flea market empty handed. I can do that at ard sales, thrift stores, and most other stores, but the flea market is a completely different animal. My trading card guy almost always gets money from me. (I collect WWE/WWF wrestling cards and figures...shuddup. I've been collecting since I was probably 12, 13..I'm now 23.) I've been going to this guy for cards for probably the last 5 years or so. He always cuts me great deals,probably because I've been going to him for so long. So a handful of cards that would cost anyone $6 will only run me about $3.50.  ^-^ Besides the card guy, there's always always ALWAYS MAC and other makeup brand booths there... And jewelry (got my second heartagram charm at the flea market), food (AWESOME peached last time we went, and one booth has something called a Washington Apple Pear..pretty kickass fruit), and clothes, and magazines, and....well, if you need it, the flea market's got it,lol. And I love it there.
So TGIF, or not.

Any amazing plans for the weekend?
So yeah...(See what I said about rambling above?)

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