Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review: 13 Gypsies Perfumery

I stumbled across this company while browsing etsy, and was immediately drawn in by the yummy descriptions of many of the fragrances. As my luck would have it, they were offering a special of 6 mini drams (I believe 1/2 oz, but don't quote me on that) for 40% off the regular price. So I think I ended up paying around $7-8 for the whole set.

My first impression of these: Wow, these are tiny! There wasn't a picture of the size I recieved on the site, so I was a little surprised at that. I was also a bit disappointed to find upon opening the drams, they did not have the rollerball like all the other ones listed. Kind of a bummer, but hey, what can ya do.

The oils came in a cute little moon and stars print organza bag.

Halloween: One of my two favorites of this order. Halloween is described as ''Sugary sweet candy blended with creamy vanilla.'' It's really yummy. My rating is 9/10

Oh Cherry: I'm a sucker for anything cherry scented, especially cherry and almond. 13Gypsies claims this is a mixture of a ''red cherry blend, which also contains a small amount of cognac, to give it a slight kick. This is quite possibly the BEST cherry fragrance you'll find. Most cherry fragrances are overpowering, bitter, or sickeningly sweet, this is not.''
It's not sickeningly sweet, that's for damn sure. It smells more to me like cherry cough syrup. I personally like it, but I know the smell of cherry anything can be a turnoff for that very reason. I give it a 7/10.

Plasma Candy: ''a blend inspired by a dear friend. It contains black cherry, patchouli, & an extra sweet vanilla''
Out of all the scents, this is one that I was most unhappy with. The patchouli in this is so overwhelming I can't distinguish any other scent mentioned in the mix. It smells like inscense, straight up. I really wanted to like this one, especially bc of the black cherry and vanilla, but I just can't get past the heavy patchouli. Score 3/10

The Great Pumpkin. Couldn't get a good picture of this for shit =[  .This is a blend of pumpkin pie, cake, brown sugar, chocolate, & spices. OHMYGODIWANTTOWEARTHISEVERYDAYFORTHERESTOFMYLIFE...ok, I'm better now. Seriously, this is AMAZING. Smells like cake batter with chocolate frosting and a touch of pumpkin pie spice. I like to mix it with Halloween for the ultimate choco-pumpkin-cakey goodness. This scent is in my beauty hall of fame. (post on that in the future). Score: 25/10  (;D)

Eat me: I almost smell strawberry in this one. It's described simply as a cupcake and frosting blend. The label is too freaking cute, and the smell is pretty good, if not exactly like the description. Not overwhelmingly sweet,which is what I expected. Score 8/10

Diablo Rojo: I have no idea what compelled me to pick this one out. It's another one of the ''strong enough to choke a horse'' scents. Described on the site as ''a blend of patchouli, red cherries, walnut, & almond.''. Oh wait, now I remember why I bought it. See that evil word ''cherries'' again, don'tcha? Cherry, almond, walnut..YUM. Add patchouli and it becomes the stuff sadness is made of. Whoever mixes these is WAY too heavy handed with the patchouli. I know it's a strong scent, but good god. Score 2/10

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the order. I just know now to stay far, FAR away from any scent with the dreaded ''P'' ingredient. But if I could order enough Great Pumpkin to fill a pool, believe me, I would.

13 Gypsies currently has a facebook page, where you can check out a whole master list of scents they offer. I don't believe she is actually taking orders right now, but I could be wrong. Looking at the list, I can say I'd definitely be interested in a few other scents, like 13, Black Raven, Carnivale, Cauldron Smoke, Jeepers Creepers, Lulu, Skarlet, and Sweet Dreams.
Looking over this master list on their FB, I can see that A LOT of thier fragrances have patchouli in them. This makes me a bit sad. My overall experience with 13 Gypsies perfumery would be a 7/10. I would buy from them in the future, now that I have an idea of their fragrances, pricing, sizes, etc.

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