Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No creative name for this post.

Again, my blog has been sorely neglected. Clearly, I suck. Truthfully, I've been rushing to get to work lately and barely have time to do my makeup, nevermind photograph it. I really should get better at handling life.
Anyways, here's a little post for you today.
Look was done with Pretty Addictions eye shadow in Obnoxious. This is their #1 selling color, and looking at it, I'm sure you can tell why.
I'm not sure if I mentioned quite how much I adore Pretty Addictions. The color payoff is spectacular, and  owner Kassandra is always coming up with new colors and collections. This is one of my favorite companies, based on customer service, prices, and color selection. Her blog is amazing as well. Everytime I read it I get super jealous, because she ALWAYS has awesome stuff to blog about (LUSH and Fortune Cookie Soaps being two things that come to mind) and I  just don't have the $$$ to try the stuff she orders, which makes me sad =( Anywhoo, onto the look,lol.

The top color -the darker blue- is an unnamed blue from Icing. This has one of the coolest textures I've ever come across in a shadow. If you put your finger in it, it feels spongy, almost like an ink pad. Not sure why that pleases me so much, but it really does. Not to mention the color is wonderful, too. I generally stay away from darkdark blues, but this one reminds me of blueberry pie or something. It's just a lush, juicy color you could almost bite into..(or not, because that would be weird >.> )It looks a lot lighter than normal bcause i was very very light-handed with it. Not trying to overshadow -pun intended,harhar- Obnoxious.

Also used was Tony and Tina cosmic glitter in Alpha State. I've had this stuff FOREVER. I. LOVE. IT.
It's a beautiful multicolor, almost holographic glitter. I added a bit of no-name silver glitter to my container to give it another level of oomph.

                                            LOVE how you can see the holographic sparklies in this picture. Alpha State reminds me of Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure nail polish (for your eyes!)

I also love how Obnoxious looks almost wet in this picture. Obnoxious was applied wet over NYX white base camp primer.
Icing applied dry, and VERY sparingly.
Alpha State was applied over Hard Candy's Showgirl's Secret. (That product is a godsend, let me tell you...)

I will have a Sephora mini review tomorrow,a Pretty Addictions review soon, and a review of Kim's Kreations/Vixoden Cosmetics in the next couple of weeks.Look for Glitterlette to resume a somewhat regular schedule in the very near future.

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  1. i love pretty addictions! i have yet to get obnoxious but it is on my wish list!