Friday, September 30, 2011

urban decay and pretty addictions

The look I'm showcasing today is done with Urban Decay's Narcotic, and Pretty Addicitons' Obnoxious. Love both these colors, I love working with blues, and Obnoxious has the most gorgeous glitter/shimmer finish.The purple on the underside is Sephora's Hello Kitty Chammy Grape eye liner. Creamy finish, deep, pure purple..uit's one of my favorite eyeliners.
Looking at the pictures now, I realize I also used Majora's Mask again here ^.^ What can I say, I love that color =]

I've finally entered a makeup contest, yay for me, right? Pretty Addiction is having a contest based on ''your favorite candy'' so I did one with Fun Dip..I'll post pictures later. Speaking of Pretty Addictions, I absolutely love her line! Kas is super super nice, and her collections are amazing. Each week she does an offer that gets you a free jar of the color of the week with any $15 dollar purchase. She also takes her fans' thoughts into consideration and asks them which color should be the COTW. If you've never heard of Pretty Addictions, PLEASE check them out, you won't be disappointed.! The Pretty Addictions website is here and her facebook,here.

Monday, September 26, 2011

SO I most definitely forgot I was doing the random image thing

My bad  =[ here's a couple for ya.
This is too cute.

 Real Life Calvin and Hobbes <3
self explanatory

Green ^.^

Next to purple, green is my favorite  eyeshadow hue. So today's look had pretty much 0 thought put into it,lol, but hey, it's a look at least, and you should applaud me for that.
I put this one only so you could see the sparkliness.
Products used: NYX primer in white, Hot Topic brand grass green eyeshadow- it's gorgeous, but after a couple hours, it ends up under my eyes, in addition to on my lids where, ya know, it's supposed to be. NOTHING stops this with any of the HT shadows I own -.-. Anywhoo...  Also used Cupcake Cult's sour green apple glitter -loveitloveitloveit- and that Maybelline eye pencil again ;D

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Two looks today

Since I didn't do any yesterday...Forgive me?
The first pretty, sparkly look is what I wore to work. I was going to do a blue/ green combo, then completely changed my mind. I did purple and pink instead.

I think in my mind I was trying for a pretty, ethereal fairy look. This is what I got.

Sometimes my blending is ok :)

Could not get a decent shot of this to save my life =[ Pretty Addictions eyeshadow in Bloom, Loreal HIP pigment in Fiery, Milani white shadow that I don't have a name for, Hard Candy Show Girl Glitter, Har Candy Showgirl's secret glitter glue,Hot Topic purple glitter eyeliner (used on lower lashline corners, you probably can't tell in pictures), Maybelline eyeliner in black.

The second look was one I did for an 80's music night at a local bar. I can't even remember all I used for this look, but I'm pretty sure it was just the Milani white shadow on top of a tiny bit of Urban Decay's cream shadow in Grass, both of which were on top of that black Maybelline eyeliner. Oh, and Hard Candy Lash Ink mascara.
Anyways, here's that look:

more blending!

So there you have it. I love how I look drunk in the last picture (I promise you, I wasn't).

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Lied.

No green showcase today. I'll get around to it this weekend, maybe. lol.
Instead, I'm going to show you the look I wore to work yesterday.
No pics of the product, I forgot to photograph them! Bad beauty blogger!
Products were Bloody Mary eyeshadows in yellow and orange, NYX eyeshadow base in White,Maybelline eyeliner in black, Hot Topic roll on glitter in gold, and MAC glitter in Rockin'Orange. (Please don't bother asking about the cupcake. I can't make it go back to the bottom of the page.It clearly likes it at the top, and who am I to argue with that?)
Squinteh eyez!

look at the sparklies! I really need to start doing these in better light. Compare these first few pics with the next few, which were taken in my bathroom..

You can see the sparkle much better under the bathroom light...whould've thunk it?  don't think that's spelled right...)
I've also decided to end each post with a random picture. So here's the first:
The outside of the cupcake I made. The interior is at the top of the page >.<

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ok, So it's been decided (pic heavy. Seriously.)

after much long deliberation (but not really) I've decided to keep updating on GlitterLette. Posts will only be on here. I'm sure you care immensly.
I've decided to showcase a selection of products over the next couple of days. They will be my favorite items, and each day, you get a different color family. First up today are the purples. I. Love. Purple. So narrowing down a handful of favorites out of my 1000434(roughly) purple shades was a bit tricky, but I got it done.
Hot Topic brand eyeshadow trio. I only use the bottom purple XD

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics in Blurple.Wait til you see this baby swatched. I know in the bag it's a bit underwhelming, but it more than makes up for it.

Shiro Cosmetics' Majora's Mask. THE Holy Grail of awesome color. I would kick puppies for this eyeshadow.Again, wait until you see this swatched.

Southgate Skincare eyeshadow in Shameless. I got this on ebay way back when, and can't find the company any longer =[ Dunno if they stopped selling on the bay (can't really blame them) or if they just disappeared.

Earthgoddess Minerals shadow in Electric Wysteria. Holly crap,look at the sparkle in that picture! LOOK AT IT.


Left to right: Hot Topic trio (bottom shade), Dawn Eyes Blurple, Shiro's Majora's Mask, Southgate's Shameless, Earthgoddess Minerals' Electric Wysteria.

The flash sort of betrays Majora here. It's not that blue. Remember, it's the kind of color that puts puppies lives in danger. Try it for yourself and let me know if you agree.
Tomorrow I'll be showcasing the greens (sneak preview- there's 12 of them. No, I'm not kidding.)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

so hey, I'm not completely inept!

Juuuust realized I could still access this page from my ''new'' sign in. My dunce cap should be arriving any day now...
Torn between updating my new blog, or continuing with this one. Very heavily leaning towards continuing with this one, I like the color scheme a little better, but I'm not 100% sure yet. Not that it really matters...
                                                              Here's a puppy for you.