Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vixoden Cosmetics (Kim's Kreations)

Kim's Kreations/ Vixoden Cosmetics is a company I first heard of over the summer. They were offering a special on their Facebook page -I believe it was 8samples for $2 dollars-. I ordered and was overall very pleased with the colors I recieved, in particular Ecstasy and Cryogenic.
So when Kim put up another offer for her fB fans, I couldn't resist. This one was even better- the first 30 people to email with a list of ther favorite shades,would get sample packs FREE.Of course, I had to get in on this! ( When I sent in my color picks, my email was kind enough to bounce the message back to me, not Kim. I re-sent, and she was kind enough to respond immediately. The communication here is really excellent. That's important to me. I like when a company sees its'customers as people, not just payments.)

Onto swatches! The left color in each pic is over NYX base camp primer; the right swatch is bare skin.
Sex n Candy: this is a gorgeous shimmery pink with tons of sparkles. I'm not normally a pink girl, but this one leapt off the website at me. I knew I had to have it.
Ecstasy: This is my reason for returning to Vixoden Cosmetics. Ecstasy is the most gorgeous shade of blue ever invented. This is in my top 5 eyeshadows. The blue immediately draws your eye in, but it's only after that, you realize HOLY CRAP THERE'S MEGA SILVER SPARKLES IN THIS. It's PERFECT.

Ecstasy some more, just because I can.
Cryogenic: This one didn't swatch on bare skin too well, but you can see the mega pigmentation on the left /primer swatch. Another bright color with rediculous amounts of sparkle.
L-R: Rave, MR. Frog, Hulk Smash.
I'm not even sure why I uploaded this picture. The colors are WAY off. Damn flash. In reality, Rave is a turquoise, Mr. Frog is a summery green with beautiful emerald glitter, and Hulk Smash is a sparkly dark green. What's also interesting about Hulk is that in the container, it appeared a matte grayed green. I'm so glad it wasn't.

Speaking of packaging, Kim sends her samples in plain envelopes. In the envelopes are small baggies with a handwritten sticker label on each. Sadly, when I opened my envelope, Sex n Candy's baggie had stuck to Ecstasy's (see? Even other shadows love Ecstasy) and when I tried to peel them apart, I realized there was also a hole in Sex n Candy :( Luckily, I was able to find this:

Bead storage containers! They were on sale, 40% off at Michaels. I grabbed two- one for this order, and one for my next, which is due to arrive in the next couple weeks or so... I just carefully transferred the shadows from their mini baggies to the bead containers. (btw, I love that the stickers on the baggies were the PERFECT size to transfer onto the containers as well. That was a stroke of luck on my part.)

My overall thought of Vixoden Cosmetics/ Kim's Kreations?
Wonderful. Colors to die for, excellent commnication, decently sixed samples- especially when, hello, they're free-. overall very, very satisfactory experience. I get the feeling these ladies  really do care about their customers, and not just about making a quick buck.

Find kim's kreations FB here, and their storenvy here Go check them out, and let them know I sent ya :)

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