Monday, August 27, 2012

I know..

Let's just get on with things. The 3-day-but-not-really challenge is here with questions 6-10. Enjoy.

6. Do you participate in the fandom? How so? 
I draw them. As themselves. Not as furries, girls, or anything. Pickles and his booze, Nathan looking brutal, Skwisgaar and his guitar.
7. Admit it. Do you ship anything? If yes or no, why? 
NO. NO, NO, A THOUSAND TIMES NO. It's not my thing, at all. I see wayyyyyy too much Toki/Skwis porn out there, it depresses me.*
8. Do you consider yourself a Gear? Why or why not?
I fear my mortality, but...
9. Do you have any merchandise?
A shirt. And I have a Revolver Magazine from 2008 with a Dethklok interview.

10. Are the other bands you listen to as brutal as Dethklok?
What kinda question is that? No. Der.

* To anyone reading this who may get offended: please, don't. It's just my opinion. :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So much for the idea of the 30 day challenge kicking my ass back into gear here -.- (if any of the 15 or so of you who read this are Metalocalypse fans, you'll notice the pun I unintentionally used in that last sentence...)
Anyways, I posted the challenge Saturday, so it looks like I owe you Sun-today. So here they are.

1.When did you first learn about Dethklok? Did you find the music or series first?

The series. Dethfashion is the first episode I remember seeing, so that should give you some indication of when I stumbled into the series... Adult Swim was normally my go-to thing later at night, so I probably would have ended up finding the show eventually.

2.What was your first reaction to it as a series?

I loved it. The fact that it had a darker vibe/ style really appealed to me.

3.Who is/are your favorite band member(s) and why?

Haha, ok, I really like all of them except Murderface, but I think Nathan would have to be my favorite. He's just all around awesome, even if he does seem like an idiot sometimes. I feel like Pickles and I would be really good friends/ drinking buddies, and he seems to be the smartest of the group. Skwisgaar is hilarious, and Toki...we'd have to be friends from afar, because I don't think he'd be worth losing my life over...

4.Who is/are your favorite non-Dethklok character(s) and why?
Charles, of course. As another blog put it, he's one badass motherfucker.
And  Selactia. It's gonna be very interesting to see where season 5 leads his plan.
Also, do yard wolves count in this? Because I think it's awesome that Dethklok has/have (?) them.

5.List some attributes that you relate to with some of the characters.
Pickles- our alcohol intake. Like I said above, I'm pretty sure he'd be an awesome drinking buddy, though he'd  drink me under the table, probably in a painfully shirt amount of time. Also, his sarcastic nature, like when Murderface caught the firecracker in his bass playing hand (ahp, there goes the band.)

Toki- ha. Probably our maturity levels. We both like simple kiddy stuff like candy and coloring books, lol. I've also started slipping 'wowee' into my work vocabulary.

Skwisgaar-I don't  know that we're that much alike, truthfully. Although he s pretty damn sarcastic at times, as am I...if I think about more, I'll add them later.

Murderface- blargh. We both have tattoos. And we can both be assholes...though I'm nowhere near as bad as him.

Nathan- It can be hard for me to apologize too, bc I'm insanely silent. We both  like chips. We both write...huh, I thought there's be more. Kinda weird..oh well.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Going to take things in a different direction for a bit hopefully get me motivated  to update more often. My new job has basically claimed my soul 40 hours a week. It's a good thing, because it's an awesome job, and it means I'm finally having decent income coming in...but it also means I don't always have times for things like my blog :( and that makes me sad. So I thought I'd try this.

I'm a huge fan of Metalocalypse. HUGE. I think it's got awesome, relatable characters, and fucking amazing music. So in honor of that (combine with the fact that I don't use Tumblr, which is where this seems to have originated), I present to you:

 The Most Brutal 30 Day Challenge Ever

one answer a day, for the next month <3 Hope you like.

1. When did you first learn about Dethklok? Did you find the music or series first?
2. What was your first reaction to it as a series?
3. Who is/are your favorite band member(s) and why? 
4. Who is/are your favorite non-Dethklok character(s) and why? 
5. List some attributes that you relate to with some of the characters. 
6. Do you participate in the fandom? How so? 
7. Admit it. Do you ship anything? If yes or no, why? 
8. Do you consider yourself a Gear? Why or why not?
9. Do you have any merchandise?
10. Are the other bands you listen to as brutal as Dethklok?
11. Have you ever been to a live show?
12. Do you watch Home Movies?
13. What is your favorite episode?
14. Which is your favorite song?
15. What is your favorite line or quote?
16. Which is your favorite non-Dethklok song? Ex. Dory McClean, any of Toki’s musical numbers, etc
17. Have you ever cosplayed anything from the series? If not, what are your thoughts on Metalocalypse cosplay?
18. Which is your least favorite episode?
19. Which is your least favorite song?
20. Your least favorite character?
21. Do other people know about your love of Dethklok? What is their opinion?
22. Have you introduced anyone to the series or music? Who, and how?
23. If you were a Klokateer, what job would you want?
24. Do you play an instrument? Can you play any of Dethklok’s songs on it?
25. Have you been in a mosh pit? Did you sustain any brutal injuries?
26. Do anything for Dethklok. What would and what wouldn’t you do for Dethklok?
27. What are your theories on the Falconback project and any other series plot points?
28. What is your favorite death scene?
29. Has the series, music or fandom changed your life in any way? Share even if it’s just as an improvement on your art or writing.
30. Show or draw a picture of yourself throwing the horns to conclude.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Soap from Kalamazoo

...Kalamazoo Soap Factory, that is. (go here and see for yourselves. ) I stumbled upon their Etsy shop through another blogger's review... I think it was Kas of Pretty Addictions, but I'm not 100% sure on that. ( Even if I'm wrong, her blog is WELL worth the read. I'm borderline addicted to it. )
Anyways, I emailed Tracy from The Kalamazoo Soap Co ( KSC) and asked if she was in need of any reviews written. Tracy responded a couple days after I sent it, and ended up sending me sample of two soaps and a lip balm.
You can see from their Etsy, these are some good-sized soaps. Imagine my surprise when I opened my mailbox and found a manilla envelope stuffed inside it. The soaps she sent were full-sized, which I was not expecting.
Check them out:
Yup. On top of two huge bars of soap, she sent a lip balm, along with a brochure that tells about the company and their different soaps and lip balms. She even sent the nicest thank you card, complete with the company's name engraved/gilded in the front, and a beautiful handwritten note inside. It really is the little extras sometimes, amIright?

The bars were individually bubble wrapped. Under the bubble wrap, they had two pieces of cardstock (with the soap name) over the soap and a raffia bow wrapped around the whole thing to hold it in place.
Maraschino Cherry. Scent description is from their site: This soap is so delicious smelling I wish I could put a scratch and sniff right on this page. If you can imagine opening a jar of big, plump, juicy maraschino cherries, then you can imagine what this soap smells like. A sweet and tart combination that is absolutely fabulous to the senses!

If any of you out there read my 13Gypsie review, you know that I love cherry scented/ flavored anything. So the idea of smelling like a jar of the radioactive-red beauties was appealing, not appalling.
It smells awesome. Plain and simple. It's not overly sweet, but more than once I would swear I had a handful of cherries in the shower.  (I'm weird, I know.) I love it.

The Badass soap isn't quite as strong smelling as the cherry one, but I still love it. I feel like it really lathers well, and left my skin feeling really smooth.

Ingredients on back of Badass Soap: Beer, distilled water, coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, shea butter.

The blue raspberry lipbalm I could not get a clear shot of to save my life. It's an awesome little thing though. Tracy formulates them with scent only, no flavor, to avoid licking your lips and drying them out. It smells just like a blue rasperry slushie/ snowcone, I love it. It's also available in strawberry, macintosh apple, and vanilla shake.

I'd like to thank Tracy for giving me the opportunity to try out her wonderful products. I strongly suggest each of you head over to her Etsy and check out what items she has to offer. I'm definitely interested in trying other soaps, like  Dreamsicle, Hazlenut Cappuccino, Fruit Loop, and Raspberry Lemonade. The soaps are $6 a bar, with $3 shipping for the first bar and $1.50 shipping each additional bar. Lip balms are $3 each, $2 shipping and .50 with another item (US prices only. KSC offers Canadian and International shipping, but the shipping prices are higher.)
Have you tried Kalamazoo Soap Co? check them out now!

Friday, June 1, 2012

So there's a nifty little giveaway...

happening over at carmen's coupon blog... a flash giveaway for a Diamond Candle. I've heard both good and not-so-good things about this company, so I'd be interested to see them for myself.
HURRY! Only 20 minutes left to enter!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I'm still alive!

Hiiiii to everyone out there reading this. I'm back! (duh...) 
Things have been a bit crazy here, so I do apologize for the unexpected hiatus .
I'm going to keep this short, and un-makeup related, and share some pictures from my recent vacation to Universal Studios Orlando. Hope you like the pics, Universal is probably my favorite place on the planet.

 Kwik-E-Mart by The Simpsons Ride.
 "Marilyn Monroe"
 My bf in front of the Universal globe
Crappy pic of Hard Rock Cafe, Lagoon, etc.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A slightly overdue Shiro review

Hello out there! Hope everyone had an awesome St. Patty's Day!
Today I'll be reviewing some gorgeous colors from Shiro.
I first stumbled across Shiro around this time last year.  Like everyone else who has happened upon the brand, I thought it was awesome that some of her products were named after Pokemon -and I'm no Pokegeek, no offense to any of you who may be-. I thought it was something kinda unique, and I can appreciate that. So I got a few things, sample baggies only (And I've mentioned it once before, but it deserves to be said again. Shiro samples are HUGE.)
This time around, I saw that Caitlin was discontinuing some colors. I went to the site, narrowed down the ones I felt I absolutely had to have, and also ordered a sample of the Intertubes, which I've seen reviewed 20043 times online. (For good reason).
Shipping was about two weeks, which is a bit longer than their normal posted TAT. However, there was also a notice on the website explaining that the two week time was because of the launch of the new Tributes Collection  (check them out here ). My goodies came wrapped in tissue paper, fastened with a little tea cup kawaii sticker.

So, without further ado, here are my pretties!

This is Wobbuffet. Described on Shiro's site as "Medium-toned sky blue with the barest hint of pink shimmer.''
It is gorgeous, even more so in person. Swatches are done, L-R: dry, over NYX Base Camp primer, over Too Faced Shadow Insurance (tfsi) and mixed with Make Up For Ever Mist n Fix spray. This is taken with flash.

Wobbuffet swatches without flash.

Next up is Mew!

"Cheerful, bright strawberry-bubblegum pink with a slight peachy-yellow tone"
This is soo pretty, although it is more peach to me in some lights (clearly not in the light used above 0.0 )

 Mew, no flash. You can better see the peachy quality here, most notably in the1st and 3rd swatch.
This next pic was taken so you can see just how full Caitlin packs her jars.

Are you seeing that? Shiro's jars come with sifters. Normally I remove sifters due to my own personal preference, but with these jars, I HAD to remove them to get at the product..They were packed so full, adding the sifters on top tamped everything down and made it impossible to access. I even (accidentally) dropped one jar on the floor (capped, thankfully) and even that couldn't loosen the powder.  Believe me when I say this is a good problem to have. I'd rather have too full jars than not full enough.

This next shadow...OH. MY.GOD. This is one of my favorite shadows, EVER. Everever,EVER.
 I mean, I really like this color.  I'd probably sell everything I own for a lifetime supply of Majora's Mask (Yes, I realize that isn't the name of  aPokemon, btw...they aren't all named liked that, silly)

Described as ''Super-bright purple with orange shimmer and tons of red, green, and yellow sparks'' I formly believe this is THE perfect purple. The shimmer, the depth of the's just...gah. Words fail to come to mind. This swatch set is a little different, you may have noticed there is an extra swatch. L-R: dry, NYX, wet brush over TFSI (oops), TFSI, Mist n Fix. 
I love how the TFSI gives it an even deeper color!
Oh, and just so you all know, if you haven't tried Shadow Insurance, you need to. The stuff is like glue.
After washing with water+ a glob of Bath and Body Works foaming hand soap. Looking at it again, I realize that Mist n Fix has awesome staying power too. In fact, I found that by mixing the teenyist, tinyest bit of the spray with loose shadow, it gives the shadow a WAY more intense look. It's one of my new miracle products.

I also got a free sample, called Your Best Friend.
Site definition: Shimmery grey-pink with strong pink glitter.
 I only did dry swatch vs TFSI swatch for this color. Forgive me. 
I do like this color. It's definitely not one I'd have picked out for myself, but I'm really glad Caitlin included it, because it is shimmery and gorgeous. Not that I should be surprised about that!

Finally, we come to the Intertubes. I ordered a sample of Over 9000, and Caitlin was sweet enough to throw in a sample of Three Wolf Moon, after I mentioned I couldn't decide which one to get. LOVE 3WM. Here's a quick pic:
Here's Over 9000

I'm not going to review the Intertubes, since they've been done over 9000 times (I'm sure I'm not the first to make that joke). All I have to say is, they're pretty amazing. Be warned though, they do stain your fingers if you get the samples (They come in clamshells. ) I'd recommend using a brush.

Final thoughts? Shiro ROCKS. Beautiful colors, friendly owner, and great prices! I should mention that the first two colors in this review are being sold for $3.50 for the fullsize jar (Normal cost is $5.). There are a TON of other colors listed, so go check them out while you still can!
Have you ordered from Shiro yet? What are some can't live without colors?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Softsoap, you've done it again

The Molten Chocolate body wash I searched the globe for has a new shower buddy! This one is the new Softsoap Lemonade Berry Splash. (For once, I feel successful- I was able to find out about AND locate an amazing product while it's still new.)
This stuff is awesome. I should have expected nothing less after the mouthwatering delight of Molten Chocolate ( side note- the Walmart I went to also had the limited edition holiday Suave body washes in Candy Apple and whatever that Vanilla one was. I wasn't particularly taken with either of them, but if the Candy Apple is still there next time I go, I may have to scoop it up..just for the hell of it. It's less than $2, after all.)

Lemonade Berry Splash smells perfect for summer. What's funny is, to my nose, it smells not of lemons and strawberries (as depicted on the bottle) , but grapefruit. A fresh, just-picked, juicy grapefruit . It's delicious.
Here's a picture for ya! It's foggy because smart me forgot to take my camera out of the bathroom before I showered this morning.

                                           I just uploaded a fuckton of pictures on my laptop, so don't be surprised if my next couple posts are various looks with no apparent connection...there probably won't be one.

Also, have you liked my facebook page yet?  If not, what are you waiting for????!! Go here and like me ! My 100 likes contest just started, and I'd be thrilled to get some more awesome entries ^_^

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I know I haven' posted in forever, and I'm sorry, but I'm, unfortunately, dealing with some REALLY STUPID PETTY IMMATURE SHIT  right now...I'm not going into detail, but I need to vent a little or my head will explode.
It has come to my attention that there have been people jumping to conclusions about a certain issue. I doubt either of the girls are reading this, but if they are, know this:
I don't know what you think went down, but I can say for sure that none of it was my fault. I cannot support a company that does not support their fans, and for you to not respond to my messages and act like I don't exist is NOT FAIR. I know in my heart, 100%, that I did nothing wring, and if you choose to not believe that, it's fine. It's sad, because I love the products, and I loved how close we all seemed to be, but I suppose that was just an illusion.

You will not be seeing anymore reviews about this company on my blog unless someone wants to come forward and explain to me what the hell is going on.

I hope to have some more reviews up here in the near future, but I can't make any promises.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's finally mine...

I'm a major sucker when it comes to anything chocolate. So when I found out about Softsoap's Molten Chocolate body wash, I knew it had to be mine. Of course, it's just my luck to find out about amazing stuff wayyyyy late in the game, so by the time I decided I needed this particular product, it was already gone from shelves. I checked multiple Wal Marts, Target, Publix, CVS...I even hit Big Lots...No luck.
Last night, the bf and I went to a Wal Mart Neighborhood market to do a little grocery shopping. While there, I decided to look for the new Schick Razor (name's not coming to mind right now, but it does come with a free travel shave cream, and I have a $5 off coupon. Alas, this has been nowhere to be found yet, either...but at least I know it's new,haha)
The razors were in the same aisle as the body washes, so of course I had to scan the shelves...and there-sitting next to the Softsoap scents that are available everywhere- was Molten Chocolate. RighttheretwoinchesawayfrommyfacescreamingTAKEMEHOME. RIGHT THERE. One bottle.
I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Seriously, if you haven't tried this, you're missing out. It's liquified heaven. Like someone bottled hot chocolate and stuck it in the body wash aisle accidentally. And I'm happy to report that the smell lingers once I'm done in the shower. It's already become one of my favorite body washes, and I've only used it once. ^_^
The bottle is 18 fl oz, so hopefully I can make it last until the next batch of holiday scents come out..I'll be damned if I miss out on any more of this Softsoap amazingness.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pretty Addiction EOTD

well, EOY (yesterday,I guess, if you wanna get technical)
I haven't worn 25 Karat Gold in a long time, and haven't even touced Candy Corn since it's original swatching a few posts down...
Here's a look I did that incorporated both. I'm surprised at how well it turned out.

I've been racking up major hours at work these past couple weeks (37.5 this past week,whooohoo) so I apologize that these posts aren't super frequent...

I'm also looking for some more indie companies to try, if anyone has any suggestions for me, feel free to list them I did a search tonight, and I'll be damned if half the pages I looked up were closed, be it temporarily or for good.

Enjoy your evening/morning/whatever time you're currently reading this! <3

Friday, February 17, 2012

I haves a Facebook page too!

That's right, just one more way for you to get your much needed dose of me ;)

Add it,like it, whatever floats your boat. It's looking pretty sad and empty right now, but don't let that deter ya! I'm sure sooner or later it'll look great.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Swatch spam with Pretty Addictions

 These are from the new Pretty Addictions line called Shattered

Left to right: Horns Over Halo, Kasalicious, Knockout, Bankrupt, Tequila Sunrise, Hooter Shooter, Psycho.
They all look pretty awesome in this picture, right? You ain't seen nothin' yet. Feast your eyes on this next picture, most notably Kasalicious:
LOOK AT IT. Every color of the rainbow is crammed in that baggie. Love.
I also have some shadow swatches for you:

Candy Corn, Bruised and Broken, Buried Treasure (currently unreleased shade) and Spoiled Bitch blush.
Spoiled Bitch is super pretty, I'm not normally a blush girl but will definitely be trying this baby out! Spoiled and Buried Treasure were free samples.

sad attempt at showing the sparkle in Buried Treasure.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Quick EOTD

I got a f*ckton of compliments on this look. And I can kinda see why- this blue is AWESOME. It's from the H2Blue collection made by the lovely Kim at Vixoden Cosmetics sent me as part of my promoter pack (I also got Humboldt, Orbits, Christmas in a Jar, and Banana-Rama, which are incredible as well. Swatches soon.)

I added a little extra sparkle wit Hard Candy's Showgirl glitter. The color on the bottom lash line is Buddah from the AMAZING Rainbow Collection. If you haven't made this collection your own yet, you really need to. The colors are breathtaking, and definitely not for the faint of heart. BTW, Kim is having a tax-return sale, and offering 45% off everything in the store with code TAXTIME.
Meaning you could pick up the 12 color Rainbow Collection for about $30, which is a hell of a deal.
Stop on over and tell Kim that Amber sent ya!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pretty Addictions swatches

Sorry for the complete and utter crap look of the swatches. I decided to do them on my hand instead of my arm like I usually do..
Pretty Addictions recently offered their "let me upgrade you'' sale - 6 10g jars for the price of 5g jars. 25 sets were available, with each order getting a special surprise, and one order getting an extra special surprise. I had to get in on this.
Without further ado, here's the pics!

First swatch of each color is over my usual NYX primer, second is over bare skin.
Top row, left to right: Royal Rebel, Sober, Kiwi
Bottom row: Mojito, Tickled Mermaid, Electric Lemonaid

Royal Rebel and Tickled Mermaid are both newer colors, and I have completely fallen in love with Royal Rebel. I'm a sucker for anything purple, and this is...just...just look at it. I want to bathe in this.

Burred so you can see the sparkle in Sober and Tickled Mermaid.
This is just to show the staying power of the NYX Base Camp primer. Love this stuff. This was after soap and water!

This is Royal Rebel, in all its shimmery sparkly glory <3

And now, a few quick, sorta-half-assed eye pics. I think they would have come out better had I not nearly blinded myself with my mascara. 

Tickled Mermaid on lid, Royal Rebel as highlight, Physicians' formula gel eye liner (this stuff is a godsend, btw) and LUXX mascara. The mascara is great, but sometimes applies a bit too thickly, which is how I nearly blinded myself earlier...globs of mascara on the eyeball don't feel too nice.

Now, you may be asking yourself 'gee, where's the special surprise gift you mentioned up above?' (provided you actually read this and don't just stop in to look at the pictures XD)

Well, I kinda can't show it to you. The surprise gift was a code for a free eyeshadow, and I just can't go giving it away, otherwise I wouldn't be able to use it for myself. Fear not, though! Pretty Addictions are super inexpensive, so even without a coupon code, you can still get your hands on some awesome pretties without putting a dent in your wallet. My personal recommendations are Gossip, Obnoxious, Royal Rebel, and 25 Karat Gold. Vintage Doll also seems to be a big seller, but I haven't gotten to try that one yet. Kas also just released a line of glitters called Shattered Diamonds *drools*

One more little tidbit of info: Pretty Addictions' Facebook page is holding a contest! Any of you lovely ladies who are lucky enough to already have PA's awesome products can participate. Head on over to her page, check out the contest, and enter to win! The contest ends Sunday, so get your looks ready!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

yeah, I'm still alive.

Just haven't had much of a chance to post recently..
here's a couple of looks to make it up to you.
Milani eye shadow in Carribean Sea (I think that's the name..I can't be bothered to get up and look)on the outside, and Vixoden Cosmetics' Monk on the inner half.Aromaleigh's Gingko on top. Lips have Smashbox's O-gloss. Also, bats! Got htem done last week..Atomic Tattoos had their annual Toys for Tats drive, and I got a $20 voucher from the bf's sister for Christmas, so I decided to finally get these done...They are loosely based on the bats in a Goya Painting.(The bats are my second tat, I also have a scorpion on my ankle...)

Not sure what's going on with my face here, but I love the multiple purples. Vixoden Cosmetics Sheer Matrix, Pretty Addictions' Sober, Milani pinkish-purple (can't remember name) and Aromaleigh's Rebel. Urban Decay Ecstasy liner.

Finally, a contest entry I did for Pretty Addictions...Kas comes up with awesome ideas, and I love entering her contests. This one used Obnoxious, Sober, Tickled Mermaid( can't really see it) and Snow Blow..

That's all for right now...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

wow, has it really been 5 days sonce I've last posted?

... 0.0 sorry about that...I just haven't had a chance to lately, and my camera is once again AWOL, so...there's not too much I can post, honestly...
Hope to talk to all soon!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a quick butterfly look

Just a short little post now. Wanted to show off my new stuff I got in a swap on the NTMS facebook.
Facebomb Cosmetics' Finglonger, and Aromaleighs' Gingko. The colors on top made me think of a butterfly for some reason. I
I'm weird.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Review: Honeycat Cosmetics, brought to you by

I signed up for late last year. The idea behind it is pretty simple. Join the online messaging community and vote on member's questions, ask your own questions, etc. Each time you do this, you recieve what are called Odd Coins. Earn enough of those, and you can redeem them for delux samples of items, including makeup, bath goodies, hair accessories, and more.

I had heard talks of there being special Christmas themed deals in the Sample Shop, but never saw them :( Instead, I took some of my coins and traded them in for two things: Honeycat Cosmetics Chick of the Sea foaming bath crystals, and Honeycat Coquito Bubble Stuff (bubble bath)

I can't recall exactly what the shipping time was for these- maybe 2 weeks? Didn't really keep track of them. The goodies were waiting in my mailbox this afternoon.
Here's a look:

This is the bubble bath.  No fragrance listed, but on the back there is a mention of aloe and shea butter.
First impression: it smells awesome! Almost a gingerbread scent, which I love! The bottle is probably about 2oz, but I have 400 shower gels/ bubble bath thingys, so this is just another one to mix into the rotation. I figure it'll last me a good long while.

Here's the bath crystals. The packaging design is pretty cute, right? The only thing I'm not so sure about is that this is a non-resealable package. After reading all the info on the back, I discovered this is meant to be a one 'serving' package...maybe, maybe not...I don't tend to use a ton of stuff in my bubble baths, so I was originally thinking I'd be able to use this one pack several times. Now I'm worried it'll dry out...

The labeling on this one has a little more detail than the bubble bath, which is to be expected bc the bubble bath is soo much smaller. This container shows the net weight -4oz- as well as the retail price -$9.00- It also lists the scent- chocolate raspberry mint. YUM.

Ready to see what it looks like inside?

It...kinda reminds me of cat food XD. But the smell is insane.I don't smell the mint, but I definitely smell the chocolate raspberry. I cannot wait to try this stuff fact, I might just do it today bc I'm sick as a dog, and I think a bubble bath might just do the job of relaxing me...I hope.
Also, here's a couple purty face pictures for you all. This was done the other night before heading out to our friends.

Pretty Addictions' Toxic and Blonde Bombshell mixed (btw, it was recently announced that both these shades will be discontinued soon, due to a main ingredient no longer being available. Super sad to hear that, bc I LOVE Toxic. Kas is going to try to reformulate the shade so it doesn't have to disappear forever, but you should head over to and order the original while it's still around!

Speaking of PA, I am super anxious to get my newest goodies..I was finally able to get Tickled Mermaid, and it looks like an awesome color online, so I really cannot wait to see what it looks like on me!

Have any of you tried Honeycat or Pretty Addictions? What are your thouhgts?