Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pocketbacs galore!

I took a few pictures of my Bath and Bod Works hand sanitizer collection the other day, figuring if nothing else, I could have a mini ''throwaway'' post, if you will. Nothing majorly exciting here, but I'm really trying to have this blog be a daily thing, like I originally intended, so here it is.
Yeah. It's just a bag full o'sanitizers.
Shown next to my hand for size comparison.

All spread out, it doesn't really look like too many, does it? Or is that just me?

Vanilla Bean Noel, <3 Our Associates berry, Lemon Glaze Cupcake., Fresh Market Apple, Tangelo Orange, Midnight Pomegranate.

White Citrus, Tropical Passionfruit (down to the verrry last teenytiny bit of's a discontinued scent), Nectarine Mint, Mango Margarita, Crushed Berry.

(Same Lemon Glaze from pic #1), Red Velvet cupcake (HAD to have that one), I Love Cake, Comet's Ginger Mint, Pistachio Vanilla, Mocha Mousse (YUM!) Sweet Tea, Scorpio Starfruit.

(Same Passionfruit as before), Mint Chocolate (I own 5 of this one),Raspberry Donut, Same Crushed Berry, Haunted House Sour Drop (Glows in the dark), Cinnamon Roll Donut.

Same Raspberry donut, Candy Corn, Jelly Donut, Vampire Blood Plum.

Same I love Cake and Ginger Mint, Rudy's Cocoa Mint, Chocolate Cake Donut,same Scorpio Starfruit, Honey Pretzel (really), Scary Cats Black Cherry.
I also just realized I cut the Zombie Squad Marshmallow out of the pictures :( Sorry dude.
In total, I have about 43 of these things, including a couple that didn't make it into this picture.

Anyone else out there have any opinions of these? What scents are you looking forward to trying? (The new Christmas ones just came out, including reindeer brownie, penguin pwppermint patty, and Mrs. Claus' Apple Pie.

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  1. Hi! I'd love to trade with you if you still have some of these pocketbacs! I have a huge collection to choose from (about 700!) My name on youtube is scent junkee! Check out my collection! :)