Friday, November 4, 2011

Pretty Addictions review

So I've mentioned once or twice here how much I love Pretty Addictions cosmetics...Well, what do you think you're getting in this post? Yup!
I haven't ordered anythin from PA in about 6 months, but believe me, I've been drooling over the eye candy goodies since then. I was being good nd not buyin, until Kas had to torment us on her FB page on Monday (Halloween) saying that every order placed that day would receive something extra in their order. So Idid what any makeup addict would do when faced with that offer..I placed an order. This time it was just for 3 clamshell samples. I ordered Electic Lemonade, Gossip, and Wicked.
I placed my order Monday (The day before the bf and I's no spend november was set to kick final purchase..) and it arrived Friday. Great TAT, although I admit, I was already impatient come Wednesday to get my goodies. When they came, it took all I had not to rip into them at the mailbox. But I refrained, in order to take a picture for all of you. You're welcome.
Love the leopard print wrapping everything comes in ;)

Here's what was inside:
The three small containers came shrinked wrapped together, whch I prevents spillage. The trick or treat sticker hides the extra surprise that was thrown in with my order.

This is everytinhg that came with my order. Remember, my camera sucks, so this isn't the most clear picture in the world.
Let's take a closer look at what I got!

Electric Lemondae. There's not much difference in the two pictures, but I felt you could see the sparkle better in the bottom shot. In both pictures, Lemonade was swatched on bare skin (top stripe) and over NXY white Base Camp primer(bottom stripe)

I love this color! It's so vibrant, but not garish. This seems to be a cousin of that's not quite a party animal,lol

Gossip. This one is super super pretty, and probably my favorite out of all I ordered. It really pops, as you can see above, over primer. I'm going to be using this in a look today, pictures later.

Wicked: I have to admit, I flip-flopped a bit before ordering this one. I have way too many black shadows that go unused in my drawer, simply because I am not a black shadow girl. Never have been. But Wicked looked to damn interesting to pass up, so I went ahead and got it. I'm glad I did. The sparkle in this is awesome, and it's got an almost purple tone. It's also super pigmented, even on bare skin (right swatch)

Fiona: This is the bagged sample I got for free (Kas is known to include a free baggie sample with purchases. Last time I ordered, I got Bloom, wh  ich I love) Fiona is a pretty brown color, but honestly, browns aren't really my thing. I'll have to figure out a use for this baby. (bare skin swatch on right.) special treat!

This is Hocus Pocus. A color from Pretty Addictions'   Dancing With The Devil collection. When I opened this, all I could say was ''wow''. Pictures do this one NO justice. It;s described on the website as a duochrome that works best with a base ( bare skin swatch on right for comparison.) Goregeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS.

For comparitive purposes, Hocus Pocus is on the bottom. That's right, it was a delux sized sample she threw in , for free, in addition to the bagged sample. <3

Like Isaid, there will be a look later with Gossip, I can't wait to show it off!

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