Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pretty Addiction EOTD

well, EOY (yesterday,I guess, if you wanna get technical)
I haven't worn 25 Karat Gold in a long time, and haven't even touced Candy Corn since it's original swatching a few posts down...
Here's a look I did that incorporated both. I'm surprised at how well it turned out.

I've been racking up major hours at work these past couple weeks (37.5 this past week,whooohoo) so I apologize that these posts aren't super frequent...

I'm also looking for some more indie companies to try, if anyone has any suggestions for me, feel free to list them I did a search tonight, and I'll be damned if half the pages I looked up were closed, be it temporarily or for good.

Enjoy your evening/morning/whatever time you're currently reading this! <3

Friday, February 17, 2012

I haves a Facebook page too!

That's right, just one more way for you to get your much needed dose of me ;)

Add it,like it, whatever floats your boat. It's looking pretty sad and empty right now, but don't let that deter ya! I'm sure sooner or later it'll look great.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Swatch spam with Pretty Addictions

 These are from the new Pretty Addictions line called Shattered

Left to right: Horns Over Halo, Kasalicious, Knockout, Bankrupt, Tequila Sunrise, Hooter Shooter, Psycho.
They all look pretty awesome in this picture, right? You ain't seen nothin' yet. Feast your eyes on this next picture, most notably Kasalicious:
LOOK AT IT. Every color of the rainbow is crammed in that baggie. Love.
I also have some shadow swatches for you:

Candy Corn, Bruised and Broken, Buried Treasure (currently unreleased shade) and Spoiled Bitch blush.
Spoiled Bitch is super pretty, I'm not normally a blush girl but will definitely be trying this baby out! Spoiled and Buried Treasure were free samples.

sad attempt at showing the sparkle in Buried Treasure.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Quick EOTD

I got a f*ckton of compliments on this look. And I can kinda see why- this blue is AWESOME. It's from the H2Blue collection made by the lovely Kim at Vixoden Cosmetics sent me as part of my promoter pack (I also got Humboldt, Orbits, Christmas in a Jar, and Banana-Rama, which are incredible as well. Swatches soon.)

I added a little extra sparkle wit Hard Candy's Showgirl glitter. The color on the bottom lash line is Buddah from the AMAZING Rainbow Collection. If you haven't made this collection your own yet, you really need to. The colors are breathtaking, and definitely not for the faint of heart. BTW, Kim is having a tax-return sale, and offering 45% off everything in the store with code TAXTIME.
Meaning you could pick up the 12 color Rainbow Collection for about $30, which is a hell of a deal.
Stop on over and tell Kim that Amber sent ya!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pretty Addictions swatches

Sorry for the complete and utter crap look of the swatches. I decided to do them on my hand instead of my arm like I usually do..
Pretty Addictions recently offered their "let me upgrade you'' sale - 6 10g jars for the price of 5g jars. 25 sets were available, with each order getting a special surprise, and one order getting an extra special surprise. I had to get in on this.
Without further ado, here's the pics!

First swatch of each color is over my usual NYX primer, second is over bare skin.
Top row, left to right: Royal Rebel, Sober, Kiwi
Bottom row: Mojito, Tickled Mermaid, Electric Lemonaid

Royal Rebel and Tickled Mermaid are both newer colors, and I have completely fallen in love with Royal Rebel. I'm a sucker for anything purple, and this is...just...just look at it. I want to bathe in this.

Burred so you can see the sparkle in Sober and Tickled Mermaid.
This is just to show the staying power of the NYX Base Camp primer. Love this stuff. This was after soap and water!

This is Royal Rebel, in all its shimmery sparkly glory <3

And now, a few quick, sorta-half-assed eye pics. I think they would have come out better had I not nearly blinded myself with my mascara. 

Tickled Mermaid on lid, Royal Rebel as highlight, Physicians' formula gel eye liner (this stuff is a godsend, btw) and LUXX mascara. The mascara is great, but sometimes applies a bit too thickly, which is how I nearly blinded myself earlier...globs of mascara on the eyeball don't feel too nice.

Now, you may be asking yourself 'gee, where's the special surprise gift you mentioned up above?' (provided you actually read this and don't just stop in to look at the pictures XD)

Well, I kinda can't show it to you. The surprise gift was a code for a free eyeshadow, and I just can't go giving it away, otherwise I wouldn't be able to use it for myself. Fear not, though! Pretty Addictions are super inexpensive, so even without a coupon code, you can still get your hands on some awesome pretties without putting a dent in your wallet. My personal recommendations are Gossip, Obnoxious, Royal Rebel, and 25 Karat Gold. Vintage Doll also seems to be a big seller, but I haven't gotten to try that one yet. Kas also just released a line of glitters called Shattered Diamonds *drools*

One more little tidbit of info: Pretty Addictions' Facebook page is holding a contest! Any of you lovely ladies who are lucky enough to already have PA's awesome products can participate. Head on over to her page, check out the contest, and enter to win! The contest ends Sunday, so get your looks ready!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

yeah, I'm still alive.

Just haven't had much of a chance to post recently..
here's a couple of looks to make it up to you.
Milani eye shadow in Carribean Sea (I think that's the name..I can't be bothered to get up and look)on the outside, and Vixoden Cosmetics' Monk on the inner half.Aromaleigh's Gingko on top. Lips have Smashbox's O-gloss. Also, bats! Got htem done last week..Atomic Tattoos had their annual Toys for Tats drive, and I got a $20 voucher from the bf's sister for Christmas, so I decided to finally get these done...They are loosely based on the bats in a Goya Painting.(The bats are my second tat, I also have a scorpion on my ankle...)

Not sure what's going on with my face here, but I love the multiple purples. Vixoden Cosmetics Sheer Matrix, Pretty Addictions' Sober, Milani pinkish-purple (can't remember name) and Aromaleigh's Rebel. Urban Decay Ecstasy liner.

Finally, a contest entry I did for Pretty Addictions...Kas comes up with awesome ideas, and I love entering her contests. This one used Obnoxious, Sober, Tickled Mermaid( can't really see it) and Snow Blow..

That's all for right now...