Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm bacckk

Like I said, I have had noo time to do much of anything on the computer/internet at all,so my apologies.
Getting things back up and running today with a mascara review.

When it comes to my mascara, I'm not too picky. It has to be cheap,and it has to be black. No soft brown for this girl!
When I saw the Hard Candy Lash Ink at Walmart, I knew I had to try it. At $7, it was a bit more than I usually pay, but it promises 4 days of intense mascara stain on lashes.
First off, the packaging is super cool..at least, to me it is. The mascara comes in this giant tube with a pop off lid.The only bad thing about this, is the mascara is loose inside..no protective seal or anything..so there's no real way to make sure nobody's tested the makeup before you =/

The mascara itself is identical to the outside tube, with the silver feather, cool lettering, and pink splatter design behind. It's a thick tube too, which hopefully means there's a lot of product in it!.

Friday, May 27, 2011

ok so I suck at updating

been freakishly busy and had absolutely NO time to update =/

Reviews on Hard Candy, Shiro Cosmetics, and Black Rose Mineral Cosmetics are on the way..I promise.

Friday, May 20, 2011

No reviews today

I'm beat and have to work in a bit. Be back tomorrow with a fresh new blog!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Antoinette's Revolution cosmetics

So while reading the blog of the wonderful Makeup Zombie http://makeupzombie1.blogspot.com/
I stumbled upon a review she did for Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics. Their ArtFire can be found HERE:
I strongly recommend checking them out.
Makeup Zombie's review made ARC seem like something I couldn't miss, so I decided to check it out for myself. They were running a great grand opening special, with all samples going for only .64 cents a piece. They also threw in a bonus sample, which is great, as I love surprises. And it wasn't just a random sample; the freebie was the same color family as my samples. I love that they pay attention to the small details like that, instead of sending me a brown when my order was comprised of blues, purples, and greens!

Colors from left to right: Marie, Icing Collection Purple, Gangrene, Louis, Duponi, Damask, Von Fersen.

Von Fersen was the freebie they sent, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by it. It's a deep blue with a bit of shimmer. What's a bit strange about this one, though, is after I washed the swatches off my hand, Von Fersen left a black stain. Interesting.
 Close up of my eye with Louis on top and Marie underneath. I LOVE Marie. It's stunning, truly a gorgeous,gorgeous baby blue with a touch of shimmer.
 Don't I look thrilled? I don't photograph well, even by my own hand =/

Pretty eyeshadows! Louis and Marie again. This is Louis applied wet, and Marie dry. However, this picture doesn't do Marie justice. See above.

Chances are good I'll be purchasing From ARC again in the future. In addition to the free shadow, she also sent this little goodie, a Victorian inspired pin. Plus, her business cards are adorable.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Goldeneye...er, lipped.

Quick look for today.I was feeling bored, and decided to do a new lip look.
I'm not normally a lip girl; I'd rather do crazy eyes than crazy lips. I think it's because I tend to lick my lips a lot (I know, it dries my lips out and I should stop it but hey...) And doing that isn't a great thing to do while wearing lipstick.But for some fun, I decided to try ultra glitter lips:
This is a glitter stack by Claire's .7 colors, and I love them all as eyeliner. But for the lip look I used the yellow glitter, smack in the middle.
I don't have a picture of the gloss I used, as my camera is MIA at the moment, but it's from Trade Secret, made with hemp, and called Orange Dream Cupcake. (Review on this gloss is in the near future)
I applied a coat pf gloss, then stuck my lips in a pile of yellow glitter.

 What's interesting about this, is that the glitter looks more gold than yellow, at least to my eye...What do you guys think?
I definitely wouldn't wear this out- the glitter is really gritty, and felt almost comparable to sand on my lips..Yech. I don't normally enjoy walking around feeling like I've made out with a sandbox. So with a different technique, this could be a do-able, wearable look. I'll toy around with it some more, and get pictres if I stumble upon a wearable look.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today's look was not a particularly successful one. Think it was something that could be done better at another point in time. I definitely learned a few tricks to this one.
Decided to do watermelon eyes, so pink and green shadows of course!
The green is a sample shadow I got from a seller on Goth Auctions. It's called Venom (clearly) and is a great true green with a slight shimmer.
Loreal HIP (High Intensity Pigments) loose shadow in Fiery.

The black dots- which were supposed to represent seeds, but should have been left out- were done with Jordana Fabuliner felt marker liner in black.


 Hot Topic brand lipstick. Again with no names on the products, sigh. I think of it as a candy/bubblegum pink
Loose glitters from Sally Beauty, used on the last line to create the..well, the glitter effect.

Close up of the lips. The green line was done by Bloody Mary's neon green powder shadow
This stuff is, hands down, one of my favorite colors. Used dry, it goes on a more sheer green, but when used wet, it's the most vibrant electric green. I am in love with this. This is actually my second container of it, as my first pan hit the ground and combusted shortly after I got it =[

Overall thoughts:
I think with a little more time, this could be a cool look. I think I just did the black dots a little hastily, and the look probably would have been better without them. But live and learn, I suppose.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shatter nails version 2

Let me just go on record right now and say that one look I will NEVER do is white nails on their own. As I type this, I have my right hand done in white polish, and it looks HORRIBLE. White nails look tacky, clunky almost, as if you're wearing white-out all over your nails instead of actual polish.Blech.
So, you may be asking yourself, why am I wearing white poish if I'm so against it? It's only the first step in a nail look! Before I post pictures of the completed look, I'm going to do a quick review of the polish.

Sally Beauty Supply Sally Girl Nail Color
First, the good: This is cheap. We're talking a whopping .80-.99 cents a bottle cheap.
The not-so-good: As I previously mentioned, white polish generally makes you look like you've applied white out to your nails. This one is no different. Also, it may be cheap, but it's a tiny bottle. Which means it has a tiny brush, which means any person with average sized hands/ nails will need multiple brush strokes to apply this. Not a deal breaker by any means, just a bit time-consuming. A final not great thing to mention is that there is no actual lable on these bottles. Rather, the brand name and everything else is printed directly on the bottle...in white. Which means I can't read a damn thing on this bottle.
Onto the shatter: As I've already said, I am in love with the Shatter. So I was a bit surprised when it didn't perform as well as it normally does. Is Shatter a snob who refuses to play nice with lower-end products? I hope not, because the Shatter was pricier than any other polish I own.

 Blurry, but can you see how there's still big chucks of Shatter polish that didn't rise to the challenge?

Eye makeup look

Went to a friend's 21st birthday last night. Wore black and green, and was going to redo my makeup to match, but alas, I ran out of time. I'm lucky I had time to shower...
Anyways, I ended up wearing the same shit I had on at work, just a bit touched up..
Sally Beauty no name baked shadow

Sally Beauty Loose Glitter in Blue Lagoon. This stuff is soooo much prettier applied than in the jar. It actually has gold and green sparkles in it, in addition to the awesome turquoise. Check out the pictures, you can tell how bright it is. This glitter captures the light at any angle..(I had some on my fingers and ended up running them through my hair, thus the glittery strands.)


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mini haul May 14th, 2011

Stopped at Sally Beauty Supply to see about getting nail polish. While I was there, I discovered that the mini Sally Girl cosmetics, which are already a steal at .99cents each, were on sale for .80 cents each. I tried to resist, but I have 0 willpower when it comes to a good makeup sale. I picked this up for under 8 bucks.

Sorry for the crap quality- I'm still toying with the flash and micro setting on my camera.
From left to right:
Sparkly Effects loose glitter in Gleaming Green. MUCH more intense than the picture lets on, it's a gorgeous lime green color.
Sparkly Effects loose glitter in Lavish Lavender. Has an awesome pale turquoise glitter in it.
Sparkly Effects loose glitter in Fuchsia-Licous. Looks like a dead ringer for the glitter liner I got fro Icing eons ago. (It exploded before I could use it =[ )
Sparkly Effects loose glitter in Blue Lagoon.
2 Sally Girl mini nail polishes. No names to these. One is white, which I bought to use under the OPI Shatter, one is a great purple color with iridescent blue glitter in it.
Eyeshadow single in Turquoise. What's neat about this one is the pan is one of those that locks into other pans like it, thanks to the specially designed grooves in the pan side. I already have a few of these, so this is good.
Round  no name baked eyeshadow. I think this is the one I'll be wearing to work today. I'll try and get a picture of my completed look before I have to go.

A good thing about the loose glitters is they all come wrapped in plastic, an under the black cap is a sifter cap. The sifter cap is also sealed ''for your protection'', however, accidents still happen. I had to pass up an awesome dark blue glitter because the cap was somehow messed up, and more glitter was trapped between the plastic wrap and the outside of the bottle,than inside the bottle itself.
I'll try and post pictures of my looks later- going to a 21st birthday party after work. Will also be dying my hair back to black..this brown crap has got to go,lol . I find my makeup looks more striking against black hair...glitter definitely pops more.

Friday, May 13, 2011

One more for tonight..

What can I say, I'm feeling generous.
Recently I picked up a bottle of O.P.I's Katy Perry Shatter polish. Super excited to try this one, mainly because it reminded me of the Cover Girl Crackle Nail Polish they made way back when...I remember having the white one and loving it. So this was pretty big to me.
The only problem with this polish was that it really doesn't show up well on darker nail polishes. Which is a shame, because I have a jade polish that I thought would have looked AMAZING. This presented a slight problem to me, because, while my makeup may be bright and rainbow, my nails are a whole other story. They're either done in purple, black, or dark blue. So black crackle + black polish=... not much of a statement.
Luckily I remembered I had a bottle of..are you ready for this?...Nerds yellow nail polish. I kid you not, Nerds, as in the candy. Not only is it bright yellow, it claims to be lemonade scented (I forgot to smell it once it was dry.) Whatever it smelled like, it worked perfectly. My nails remind me of almost a jungle animal of sorts..a giraffe or cheetah. Pretty sweet.(Excuse the mess in the background. I am not what you'd call a good housekeeper.)
Crackle nail polish retails for around $8.50 a bottle. I was able to get one a little cheaper due to my mall employee discount, so I got them for $7.25. I'd definitely recommend picking some up. They just launched the silver shatter, which might work better on dark polishes...hmmm...

annnd drumroll, please...

Pictures using my two favorite colors: purple and green.
The equipment:
 First, Rimmel London's Eyeful shadow/liner in Stand Out. This is an awesome creamy eye pencil. It can be used as either a liner, or an allover shadow, which is good. (I love dual action products.) Stand Out is a pretty olive green, with a TON of gold sparkle.
 The next one is Hot Topic brand green shadow. It doesn't have a name, but what it does have is a great springy green color that looks just as pigmented dry as it does wet.
The final product is one of my ultimate bargains: 99 cent Sally Beauty brand eyeshadow single. I don't believe this one had a name either. My main gripe about this product is that it's kind of wimpy, as in, it doesn't yield very much to brush pressure. A sponge-tipped applicator was all it took to reduce the shadow into chunky crumbles. But for ess than $1.00, I can't complain too much.

First ''official'' post.

Ok, so here's the deal. Like I said before, this is a makeup blog, for I am a makeup junkie. So this post will be dedicated to my collection, as well as a favorite look of mine. Hope you enjoy!
First, the collection:
I am a huge fan of bright colors, if you couldn't tell by the pictures. I'm also a glitter freak. And a third ''also''- I'm cheap. I'm pretty sure my biggest splurge was two MAC shadows that I got for $22.00..for both. At an outlet store.

My drugstore go to's are Hard Candy, Milani, and Rimmel London. Take a look at the picture and see if you can separate the luxe items from the bargains!