Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My camera is out of commission...

Until I can get new batteries for it, my camera won't do me too much good. So for today, I'm posting a ''wish lists'' of sorts... My bf's getting me a Sephora card for my birthday, so I'm hoping to pick up at least a few of these soon...I'm also thinking about going to check out the Black Friday deals. The mall I work at is opening at midnight. Crazy people. Sephora opens at 3am, my store, 2:30...However, I'm not stupid enough to go to the mall at 2-3 a.m, if I don't have to be there to work until 10 >.<
But I digress. Here's the goodies I'm currently craving:
Buxom Stay There eyeshadow in Husky. By far the prettiest color in the line.
Philosophy Marshmallows for toasting lip gloss.

Makeup  For Ever fix and seal spray, and BH cosmetics pallette #2. These combined make for an awesome eyeliner, from what I've seen on other blogs.

Philosophy 3-in-1 Mint Chocolate chip ice cream: I'm still kicking myself for not getting both bottle I saw at Ross last year :( Steal of a lifetime at $6 a piece (and they're not the travel size) . I have less than half of mine left .

Philosophy 3-in-1 Chocolate Fudge Cake....yummmm..Smells so freakin'good.

Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy. I have heard nothing but glowing reviews about this product. I have GOT TO get my hands on it. (Unfortunately, Fyrinnae's webstore is shut down for the time being. It's set to re-open at the end of November)
Urban Decay liquid eyeliner in Ecstasy. The ultimate purple liner. I've been trying to get my hands on this since April of this year- it was truly love at first swatch. Unfortunately, I am far too big a cheapwad to shell out $17 for one liner. It's on sale on the UD website, but after shipping it's still $13 which is rediculous.

Too Faced Poison Orchid eyeshadow. Looks like it would play nice with the UD liner above, no?

Philosophy Sugar Sprinkles funnel cake lip gloss. YUM.
That's all for now, if any of you lovely ladies would care to send me any of these items, feel free ;D

haha just kidding.

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