Friday, December 30, 2011

Chinovi Cosmetics review

One of my favorite things to do is browse other beauty blogger's sites/ blogs. I love finding out about new indie companies, and just reading others' thoughts on products. While doing this one day, I stumbled upon a company that was totally new to me- Chinovi Cosmetics. The line is not officially up and running yet, but you can check out Vanessa's blog, 'Ooh...Makeup!'  here. It's definitely worth the read. Vanessa  does some gorgeous looks- check out her 'Fierce' entry for the Never Too Much Sparkle showcase on Facebook.
In one post, Vanessa mentioned that she was looking for people to test out some colors she was working on for the Chinovi Cosmetics launch (She's hoping to have it going early 2012). Of course, I was all over this. I emailed her right away with a few colors she'd posted that jumped out at me the most. Vanessa was quick to email me back, letting me know that, unfortunately, she was working on some formulation changes, and some colors I'd selected were not available. Luckily, one of the ones I wanted most (Fins) was still available. I told Vanessa I'd be happy to try out whatever colors she sent me. Three days after our last email exchange, an envelope arrived in my mailbox. Awesome TAT!
Let's take a look at what I got!
Ten baggie samples, and one full sized jar!
From the top: Independence,Fun Day, Cool Runnings, Blame, Nude Pearl+, Poison, Fins, Funhouse, Kettle, Poww. Full sized jar in Simona. All the baggies have the ingredients listed on them, as well as a note as to whether they are not lip safe, vegan, etc. Simona had the ingredients listed on the shrink wrapped portion, which looks nice, but once you've unwrapped the shadow, it's pretty much done fo.r I love the little bow design on each baggie as well!

Vanessa also included a handful of business cards, and a mini questionnaire page. I'll be answering these at the end of the post.

On the back of the page was a sweet little handwritten note. ^.^
I forgot to photograph this part, but inside the regular envelope, my items were in a hot pink bag with a star sticker to close it. The overall design of this company is really adorable!

Time to see some swatches!
Top row is bare skin, bottom row is  over NYX primer.
L-R: Fins, Independence, Poison, Fun Day, Funhouse.

As you can see, these really show up better with a primer. Applied directly onto bare skin, these will give you a nice, sheer wash of color, which is great for some girls, but I like my colors a bit more intense. Thankfully, the primer works perfectly for this!
L-R: Cool Runnings, Kettle, Nude Pearl+, Poww, Blame, Simona
Poww and Simona look nearly identical in pictures, but in reality they are very different. Poww is a blackened grey color with shimmery blue glitter, and Simona is a rich purple with pink sparkles.

 See the pink sparklies in Simona? LOVE.

Here's a look I did using Fun Day, Cool Runnings, and Fins. How cool do these colors look together?

Out of all the colors, the only one I was even a little disappointed with was Nude Pearl+. It's just too light for my personal taste. But I LOVE the rest of them, with Funhouse, Poison, Kettle and Simona being the top standouts.

Now onto the question sheet.
1. Was the product what you expected? Yes. The colors are fairly pigmented, and really pop over primer.

2. Did the product apply smoothly? Yes. No problems there.

3. Did the product bother you in any way? Irritation-wise, no. However, I did notice there was a decent amount of fallout with some shades. Vanessa did mention to me that she was in the process of reformulating some colors, so maybe that problem will be fixed with that. I did not have fallout issues with Simona, which is made with the  new formula, so we shall see if that does indeed fix the issue.

4. Would you purchase this product or another product from this line? Yes. I am in love with Kettle and Poison.

5.Anything else you would like to add? I love the color selection I received- I feel that's a good way to show a prospective customer exactly what you're all about, and gives them the chance to see what colors they prefer, to make ordering easier. Packaging is adorable, and email communication is top-notch.
I strongly recommend  making a purchase with Chinovi Cosmetics asap. You won't regret it.

Disclaimer: All items were sent free to me for review purposes. This does not change/ affect my opinions in any way, shape or form.


  1. I love all these colors! I followed her blog a while back after joining the group and was browsing her looks with her colors and reading about her company. It seemed really interesting! I'd be interested in trying her products when she opens :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice post. Thanks! I like the bottom green look you did.

  3. Love the look! I love the name Cool Runnings! Can't wait to see these come out.

  4. Great review, I hadn't heard of this company before!