Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This is kind of a lazy post..- pic heavy

but I figure it's better than nothing.
There are, unfortunately, times where I am able to capture a picture of the makeup I've done for the day, but then have to leave right away. By the time I get back to reviewing the pictures, I've all but forgotten everything I've used for the look. Not to mention I've switched computers twice in as many months, and my picture files look..sad. I'm in the process of redoing them, and bringing a little more organization to everything. But until that happens, I've decided to throw together a simple blog post of miscellaneous looks I've done recently. There may or may not be product information listed for all these looks, and I do apologize for that.

The blue is Ecstasy by Vixoden Cosmetics, and the purple is Mac Grape
Hot pink and blue from my Kleancolor Hawaiian palette.
 I think the green was Cryogenic by Vixoden.

uhhh..Hot Topic Hot Pink and Lime Crime Empress

Hmm...Ecstasy I think

Ecstasy and Cryogenic- I'm sure by now you can tell I love my Vixoden!

and this...this was taken just for the hell of it. I liked it, and it's my blog, so...yeah.

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  1. Nice looks! They're all so bright and colourful! I HATE when I take pictures of a look and then draw a blank as to what I used in it! ARGH!