Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today's look was not a particularly successful one. Think it was something that could be done better at another point in time. I definitely learned a few tricks to this one.
Decided to do watermelon eyes, so pink and green shadows of course!
The green is a sample shadow I got from a seller on Goth Auctions. It's called Venom (clearly) and is a great true green with a slight shimmer.
Loreal HIP (High Intensity Pigments) loose shadow in Fiery.

The black dots- which were supposed to represent seeds, but should have been left out- were done with Jordana Fabuliner felt marker liner in black.


 Hot Topic brand lipstick. Again with no names on the products, sigh. I think of it as a candy/bubblegum pink
Loose glitters from Sally Beauty, used on the last line to create the..well, the glitter effect.

Close up of the lips. The green line was done by Bloody Mary's neon green powder shadow
This stuff is, hands down, one of my favorite colors. Used dry, it goes on a more sheer green, but when used wet, it's the most vibrant electric green. I am in love with this. This is actually my second container of it, as my first pan hit the ground and combusted shortly after I got it =[

Overall thoughts:
I think with a little more time, this could be a cool look. I think I just did the black dots a little hastily, and the look probably would have been better without them. But live and learn, I suppose.

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