Wednesday, May 18, 2011, lipped.

Quick look for today.I was feeling bored, and decided to do a new lip look.
I'm not normally a lip girl; I'd rather do crazy eyes than crazy lips. I think it's because I tend to lick my lips a lot (I know, it dries my lips out and I should stop it but hey...) And doing that isn't a great thing to do while wearing lipstick.But for some fun, I decided to try ultra glitter lips:
This is a glitter stack by Claire's .7 colors, and I love them all as eyeliner. But for the lip look I used the yellow glitter, smack in the middle.
I don't have a picture of the gloss I used, as my camera is MIA at the moment, but it's from Trade Secret, made with hemp, and called Orange Dream Cupcake. (Review on this gloss is in the near future)
I applied a coat pf gloss, then stuck my lips in a pile of yellow glitter.

 What's interesting about this, is that the glitter looks more gold than yellow, at least to my eye...What do you guys think?
I definitely wouldn't wear this out- the glitter is really gritty, and felt almost comparable to sand on my lips..Yech. I don't normally enjoy walking around feeling like I've made out with a sandbox. So with a different technique, this could be a do-able, wearable look. I'll toy around with it some more, and get pictres if I stumble upon a wearable look.

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