Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mini haul May 14th, 2011

Stopped at Sally Beauty Supply to see about getting nail polish. While I was there, I discovered that the mini Sally Girl cosmetics, which are already a steal at .99cents each, were on sale for .80 cents each. I tried to resist, but I have 0 willpower when it comes to a good makeup sale. I picked this up for under 8 bucks.

Sorry for the crap quality- I'm still toying with the flash and micro setting on my camera.
From left to right:
Sparkly Effects loose glitter in Gleaming Green. MUCH more intense than the picture lets on, it's a gorgeous lime green color.
Sparkly Effects loose glitter in Lavish Lavender. Has an awesome pale turquoise glitter in it.
Sparkly Effects loose glitter in Fuchsia-Licous. Looks like a dead ringer for the glitter liner I got fro Icing eons ago. (It exploded before I could use it =[ )
Sparkly Effects loose glitter in Blue Lagoon.
2 Sally Girl mini nail polishes. No names to these. One is white, which I bought to use under the OPI Shatter, one is a great purple color with iridescent blue glitter in it.
Eyeshadow single in Turquoise. What's neat about this one is the pan is one of those that locks into other pans like it, thanks to the specially designed grooves in the pan side. I already have a few of these, so this is good.
Round  no name baked eyeshadow. I think this is the one I'll be wearing to work today. I'll try and get a picture of my completed look before I have to go.

A good thing about the loose glitters is they all come wrapped in plastic, an under the black cap is a sifter cap. The sifter cap is also sealed ''for your protection'', however, accidents still happen. I had to pass up an awesome dark blue glitter because the cap was somehow messed up, and more glitter was trapped between the plastic wrap and the outside of the bottle,than inside the bottle itself.
I'll try and post pictures of my looks later- going to a 21st birthday party after work. Will also be dying my hair back to black..this brown crap has got to go,lol . I find my makeup looks more striking against black hair...glitter definitely pops more.

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