Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm bacckk

Like I said, I have had noo time to do much of anything on the computer/internet at all,so my apologies.
Getting things back up and running today with a mascara review.

When it comes to my mascara, I'm not too picky. It has to be cheap,and it has to be black. No soft brown for this girl!
When I saw the Hard Candy Lash Ink at Walmart, I knew I had to try it. At $7, it was a bit more than I usually pay, but it promises 4 days of intense mascara stain on lashes.
First off, the packaging is super cool..at least, to me it is. The mascara comes in this giant tube with a pop off lid.The only bad thing about this, is the mascara is loose inside..no protective seal or anything..so there's no real way to make sure nobody's tested the makeup before you =/

The mascara itself is identical to the outside tube, with the silver feather, cool lettering, and pink splatter design behind. It's a thick tube too, which hopefully means there's a lot of product in it!.

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