Friday, May 13, 2011

annnd drumroll, please...

Pictures using my two favorite colors: purple and green.
The equipment:
 First, Rimmel London's Eyeful shadow/liner in Stand Out. This is an awesome creamy eye pencil. It can be used as either a liner, or an allover shadow, which is good. (I love dual action products.) Stand Out is a pretty olive green, with a TON of gold sparkle.
 The next one is Hot Topic brand green shadow. It doesn't have a name, but what it does have is a great springy green color that looks just as pigmented dry as it does wet.
The final product is one of my ultimate bargains: 99 cent Sally Beauty brand eyeshadow single. I don't believe this one had a name either. My main gripe about this product is that it's kind of wimpy, as in, it doesn't yield very much to brush pressure. A sponge-tipped applicator was all it took to reduce the shadow into chunky crumbles. But for ess than $1.00, I can't complain too much.

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