Friday, May 13, 2011

One more for tonight..

What can I say, I'm feeling generous.
Recently I picked up a bottle of O.P.I's Katy Perry Shatter polish. Super excited to try this one, mainly because it reminded me of the Cover Girl Crackle Nail Polish they made way back when...I remember having the white one and loving it. So this was pretty big to me.
The only problem with this polish was that it really doesn't show up well on darker nail polishes. Which is a shame, because I have a jade polish that I thought would have looked AMAZING. This presented a slight problem to me, because, while my makeup may be bright and rainbow, my nails are a whole other story. They're either done in purple, black, or dark blue. So black crackle + black polish=... not much of a statement.
Luckily I remembered I had a bottle of..are you ready for this?...Nerds yellow nail polish. I kid you not, Nerds, as in the candy. Not only is it bright yellow, it claims to be lemonade scented (I forgot to smell it once it was dry.) Whatever it smelled like, it worked perfectly. My nails remind me of almost a jungle animal of sorts..a giraffe or cheetah. Pretty sweet.(Excuse the mess in the background. I am not what you'd call a good housekeeper.)
Crackle nail polish retails for around $8.50 a bottle. I was able to get one a little cheaper due to my mall employee discount, so I got them for $7.25. I'd definitely recommend picking some up. They just launched the silver shatter, which might work better on dark polishes...hmmm...

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