Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So much for the idea of the 30 day challenge kicking my ass back into gear here -.- (if any of the 15 or so of you who read this are Metalocalypse fans, you'll notice the pun I unintentionally used in that last sentence...)
Anyways, I posted the challenge Saturday, so it looks like I owe you Sun-today. So here they are.

1.When did you first learn about Dethklok? Did you find the music or series first?

The series. Dethfashion is the first episode I remember seeing, so that should give you some indication of when I stumbled into the series... Adult Swim was normally my go-to thing later at night, so I probably would have ended up finding the show eventually.

2.What was your first reaction to it as a series?

I loved it. The fact that it had a darker vibe/ style really appealed to me.

3.Who is/are your favorite band member(s) and why?

Haha, ok, I really like all of them except Murderface, but I think Nathan would have to be my favorite. He's just all around awesome, even if he does seem like an idiot sometimes. I feel like Pickles and I would be really good friends/ drinking buddies, and he seems to be the smartest of the group. Skwisgaar is hilarious, and Toki...we'd have to be friends from afar, because I don't think he'd be worth losing my life over...

4.Who is/are your favorite non-Dethklok character(s) and why?
Charles, of course. As another blog put it, he's one badass motherfucker.
And  Selactia. It's gonna be very interesting to see where season 5 leads his plan.
Also, do yard wolves count in this? Because I think it's awesome that Dethklok has/have (?) them.

5.List some attributes that you relate to with some of the characters.
Pickles- our alcohol intake. Like I said above, I'm pretty sure he'd be an awesome drinking buddy, though he'd  drink me under the table, probably in a painfully shirt amount of time. Also, his sarcastic nature, like when Murderface caught the firecracker in his bass playing hand (ahp, there goes the band.)

Toki- ha. Probably our maturity levels. We both like simple kiddy stuff like candy and coloring books, lol. I've also started slipping 'wowee' into my work vocabulary.

Skwisgaar-I don't  know that we're that much alike, truthfully. Although he s pretty damn sarcastic at times, as am I...if I think about more, I'll add them later.

Murderface- blargh. We both have tattoos. And we can both be assholes...though I'm nowhere near as bad as him.

Nathan- It can be hard for me to apologize too, bc I'm insanely silent. We both  like chips. We both write...huh, I thought there's be more. Kinda weird..oh well.

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