Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Softsoap, you've done it again

The Molten Chocolate body wash I searched the globe for has a new shower buddy! This one is the new Softsoap Lemonade Berry Splash. (For once, I feel successful- I was able to find out about AND locate an amazing product while it's still new.)
This stuff is awesome. I should have expected nothing less after the mouthwatering delight of Molten Chocolate ( side note- the Walmart I went to also had the limited edition holiday Suave body washes in Candy Apple and whatever that Vanilla one was. I wasn't particularly taken with either of them, but if the Candy Apple is still there next time I go, I may have to scoop it up..just for the hell of it. It's less than $2, after all.)

Lemonade Berry Splash smells perfect for summer. What's funny is, to my nose, it smells not of lemons and strawberries (as depicted on the bottle) , but grapefruit. A fresh, just-picked, juicy grapefruit . It's delicious.
Here's a picture for ya! It's foggy because smart me forgot to take my camera out of the bathroom before I showered this morning.

                                           I just uploaded a fuckton of pictures on my laptop, so don't be surprised if my next couple posts are various looks with no apparent connection...there probably won't be one.

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