Saturday, August 18, 2012

Going to take things in a different direction for a bit hopefully get me motivated  to update more often. My new job has basically claimed my soul 40 hours a week. It's a good thing, because it's an awesome job, and it means I'm finally having decent income coming in...but it also means I don't always have times for things like my blog :( and that makes me sad. So I thought I'd try this.

I'm a huge fan of Metalocalypse. HUGE. I think it's got awesome, relatable characters, and fucking amazing music. So in honor of that (combine with the fact that I don't use Tumblr, which is where this seems to have originated), I present to you:

 The Most Brutal 30 Day Challenge Ever

one answer a day, for the next month <3 Hope you like.

1. When did you first learn about Dethklok? Did you find the music or series first?
2. What was your first reaction to it as a series?
3. Who is/are your favorite band member(s) and why? 
4. Who is/are your favorite non-Dethklok character(s) and why? 
5. List some attributes that you relate to with some of the characters. 
6. Do you participate in the fandom? How so? 
7. Admit it. Do you ship anything? If yes or no, why? 
8. Do you consider yourself a Gear? Why or why not?
9. Do you have any merchandise?
10. Are the other bands you listen to as brutal as Dethklok?
11. Have you ever been to a live show?
12. Do you watch Home Movies?
13. What is your favorite episode?
14. Which is your favorite song?
15. What is your favorite line or quote?
16. Which is your favorite non-Dethklok song? Ex. Dory McClean, any of Toki’s musical numbers, etc
17. Have you ever cosplayed anything from the series? If not, what are your thoughts on Metalocalypse cosplay?
18. Which is your least favorite episode?
19. Which is your least favorite song?
20. Your least favorite character?
21. Do other people know about your love of Dethklok? What is their opinion?
22. Have you introduced anyone to the series or music? Who, and how?
23. If you were a Klokateer, what job would you want?
24. Do you play an instrument? Can you play any of Dethklok’s songs on it?
25. Have you been in a mosh pit? Did you sustain any brutal injuries?
26. Do anything for Dethklok. What would and what wouldn’t you do for Dethklok?
27. What are your theories on the Falconback project and any other series plot points?
28. What is your favorite death scene?
29. Has the series, music or fandom changed your life in any way? Share even if it’s just as an improvement on your art or writing.
30. Show or draw a picture of yourself throwing the horns to conclude.

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