Thursday, March 22, 2012

A slightly overdue Shiro review

Hello out there! Hope everyone had an awesome St. Patty's Day!
Today I'll be reviewing some gorgeous colors from Shiro.
I first stumbled across Shiro around this time last year.  Like everyone else who has happened upon the brand, I thought it was awesome that some of her products were named after Pokemon -and I'm no Pokegeek, no offense to any of you who may be-. I thought it was something kinda unique, and I can appreciate that. So I got a few things, sample baggies only (And I've mentioned it once before, but it deserves to be said again. Shiro samples are HUGE.)
This time around, I saw that Caitlin was discontinuing some colors. I went to the site, narrowed down the ones I felt I absolutely had to have, and also ordered a sample of the Intertubes, which I've seen reviewed 20043 times online. (For good reason).
Shipping was about two weeks, which is a bit longer than their normal posted TAT. However, there was also a notice on the website explaining that the two week time was because of the launch of the new Tributes Collection  (check them out here ). My goodies came wrapped in tissue paper, fastened with a little tea cup kawaii sticker.

So, without further ado, here are my pretties!

This is Wobbuffet. Described on Shiro's site as "Medium-toned sky blue with the barest hint of pink shimmer.''
It is gorgeous, even more so in person. Swatches are done, L-R: dry, over NYX Base Camp primer, over Too Faced Shadow Insurance (tfsi) and mixed with Make Up For Ever Mist n Fix spray. This is taken with flash.

Wobbuffet swatches without flash.

Next up is Mew!

"Cheerful, bright strawberry-bubblegum pink with a slight peachy-yellow tone"
This is soo pretty, although it is more peach to me in some lights (clearly not in the light used above 0.0 )

 Mew, no flash. You can better see the peachy quality here, most notably in the1st and 3rd swatch.
This next pic was taken so you can see just how full Caitlin packs her jars.

Are you seeing that? Shiro's jars come with sifters. Normally I remove sifters due to my own personal preference, but with these jars, I HAD to remove them to get at the product..They were packed so full, adding the sifters on top tamped everything down and made it impossible to access. I even (accidentally) dropped one jar on the floor (capped, thankfully) and even that couldn't loosen the powder.  Believe me when I say this is a good problem to have. I'd rather have too full jars than not full enough.

This next shadow...OH. MY.GOD. This is one of my favorite shadows, EVER. Everever,EVER.
 I mean, I really like this color.  I'd probably sell everything I own for a lifetime supply of Majora's Mask (Yes, I realize that isn't the name of  aPokemon, btw...they aren't all named liked that, silly)

Described as ''Super-bright purple with orange shimmer and tons of red, green, and yellow sparks'' I formly believe this is THE perfect purple. The shimmer, the depth of the's just...gah. Words fail to come to mind. This swatch set is a little different, you may have noticed there is an extra swatch. L-R: dry, NYX, wet brush over TFSI (oops), TFSI, Mist n Fix. 
I love how the TFSI gives it an even deeper color!
Oh, and just so you all know, if you haven't tried Shadow Insurance, you need to. The stuff is like glue.
After washing with water+ a glob of Bath and Body Works foaming hand soap. Looking at it again, I realize that Mist n Fix has awesome staying power too. In fact, I found that by mixing the teenyist, tinyest bit of the spray with loose shadow, it gives the shadow a WAY more intense look. It's one of my new miracle products.

I also got a free sample, called Your Best Friend.
Site definition: Shimmery grey-pink with strong pink glitter.
 I only did dry swatch vs TFSI swatch for this color. Forgive me. 
I do like this color. It's definitely not one I'd have picked out for myself, but I'm really glad Caitlin included it, because it is shimmery and gorgeous. Not that I should be surprised about that!

Finally, we come to the Intertubes. I ordered a sample of Over 9000, and Caitlin was sweet enough to throw in a sample of Three Wolf Moon, after I mentioned I couldn't decide which one to get. LOVE 3WM. Here's a quick pic:
Here's Over 9000

I'm not going to review the Intertubes, since they've been done over 9000 times (I'm sure I'm not the first to make that joke). All I have to say is, they're pretty amazing. Be warned though, they do stain your fingers if you get the samples (They come in clamshells. ) I'd recommend using a brush.

Final thoughts? Shiro ROCKS. Beautiful colors, friendly owner, and great prices! I should mention that the first two colors in this review are being sold for $3.50 for the fullsize jar (Normal cost is $5.). There are a TON of other colors listed, so go check them out while you still can!
Have you ordered from Shiro yet? What are some can't live without colors?

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  1. Looks like some nice stuff, I haven't tried anything from them yet!