Monday, August 27, 2012

I know..

Let's just get on with things. The 3-day-but-not-really challenge is here with questions 6-10. Enjoy.

6. Do you participate in the fandom? How so? 
I draw them. As themselves. Not as furries, girls, or anything. Pickles and his booze, Nathan looking brutal, Skwisgaar and his guitar.
7. Admit it. Do you ship anything? If yes or no, why? 
NO. NO, NO, A THOUSAND TIMES NO. It's not my thing, at all. I see wayyyyyy too much Toki/Skwis porn out there, it depresses me.*
8. Do you consider yourself a Gear? Why or why not?
I fear my mortality, but...
9. Do you have any merchandise?
A shirt. And I have a Revolver Magazine from 2008 with a Dethklok interview.

10. Are the other bands you listen to as brutal as Dethklok?
What kinda question is that? No. Der.

* To anyone reading this who may get offended: please, don't. It's just my opinion. :)

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