Monday, January 23, 2012

Review: Honeycat Cosmetics, brought to you by

I signed up for late last year. The idea behind it is pretty simple. Join the online messaging community and vote on member's questions, ask your own questions, etc. Each time you do this, you recieve what are called Odd Coins. Earn enough of those, and you can redeem them for delux samples of items, including makeup, bath goodies, hair accessories, and more.

I had heard talks of there being special Christmas themed deals in the Sample Shop, but never saw them :( Instead, I took some of my coins and traded them in for two things: Honeycat Cosmetics Chick of the Sea foaming bath crystals, and Honeycat Coquito Bubble Stuff (bubble bath)

I can't recall exactly what the shipping time was for these- maybe 2 weeks? Didn't really keep track of them. The goodies were waiting in my mailbox this afternoon.
Here's a look:

This is the bubble bath.  No fragrance listed, but on the back there is a mention of aloe and shea butter.
First impression: it smells awesome! Almost a gingerbread scent, which I love! The bottle is probably about 2oz, but I have 400 shower gels/ bubble bath thingys, so this is just another one to mix into the rotation. I figure it'll last me a good long while.

Here's the bath crystals. The packaging design is pretty cute, right? The only thing I'm not so sure about is that this is a non-resealable package. After reading all the info on the back, I discovered this is meant to be a one 'serving' package...maybe, maybe not...I don't tend to use a ton of stuff in my bubble baths, so I was originally thinking I'd be able to use this one pack several times. Now I'm worried it'll dry out...

The labeling on this one has a little more detail than the bubble bath, which is to be expected bc the bubble bath is soo much smaller. This container shows the net weight -4oz- as well as the retail price -$9.00- It also lists the scent- chocolate raspberry mint. YUM.

Ready to see what it looks like inside?

It...kinda reminds me of cat food XD. But the smell is insane.I don't smell the mint, but I definitely smell the chocolate raspberry. I cannot wait to try this stuff fact, I might just do it today bc I'm sick as a dog, and I think a bubble bath might just do the job of relaxing me...I hope.
Also, here's a couple purty face pictures for you all. This was done the other night before heading out to our friends.

Pretty Addictions' Toxic and Blonde Bombshell mixed (btw, it was recently announced that both these shades will be discontinued soon, due to a main ingredient no longer being available. Super sad to hear that, bc I LOVE Toxic. Kas is going to try to reformulate the shade so it doesn't have to disappear forever, but you should head over to and order the original while it's still around!

Speaking of PA, I am super anxious to get my newest goodies..I was finally able to get Tickled Mermaid, and it looks like an awesome color online, so I really cannot wait to see what it looks like on me!

Have any of you tried Honeycat or Pretty Addictions? What are your thouhgts?


  1. Thanks for the review! I got both of these but haven't had a chance to use them as yet.

  2. Thats an interesting program to be able to get free stuff! The bath salts do look a bit interesting... Regardless, I'm sure they are still awesome! And I'mm not familiar with Pretty Addictions. I guess I'll have to go check them out right now :)