Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pretty Addictions Halloween entry

Like I posted yesterday, Pretty Addictions cosmetics is holding a Halloween makeup contest. The theme is candy. The instructions were pretty simple, among them:
 Must choose 1 candy of any brand.
 Must use ONLY colors on wrapper/box.
 Candy must be visible in at least 1 photo.
 Must display Pretty Addictions in at least 1 photo.
There's some other stuff too, but if you really care about reading the rules, you can go to the PA facebook and check it out for yourself. (You should go to the page and ''like'' her anyways; she's awesome)

Anyways, here's my submission. I  used the Hot Topic grassy green, Pretty Addictions Obnoxious, and I believe, Sally Beauty Turquoise. (Find the Sally mini right here in a mini review haul.)
Puple eyeliner is Hot Topic dark purple eyeshadow. Pink dots are pink pixie dust that comes in a nifty test tube looking container, applied with Har Candy Showgirl's Secret glitter glue.

The contest ends October 16th, so I have plenty of time to wonder and agonize over who Kas is going to choose as her winner! The prize is a great one, including Urban Decay Primer Potion, which I've been wanting to try, ans Pretty Addictions newest collection, Dance With the Devil.

random picture!!

                                         These are pancakes. No, seriously. Pancakes.

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