Saturday, October 8, 2011

So I have determined

If I ever win the lotto, a very, very large percentage of my winnings will be going to Sephora. I stopped in yesterday after work to torture myself with pretty sparkly colors that I can't afford. I'm still dying to try Buxom's Husky eyeshadow and OPI's It's Bouquet With Me nail polish, but I added a few more things to my mental wish list, including Philosophy's Chocolate Fudge Cake 3-in-1, Too Faced Poison Orchid and Violet Femme shadows, and a couple Urban Decay liners. *sighs*

Anyways, I'm a bit behind with this blog -I know, shocking- but I'm here to get back into the swing of things today. The look I did uses the following products (NYX primer and Maybelline black liner not included in the pic, bc I use them for pretty much every makeup look I do)
 Smashbox Full Exposure mascara in Jet Black, Hello Kitty eyeshadow in purple, Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing lipcolor in Confidence, and Black Rose Minerals eyeshadows in Gremlin and Minty.

I'm adding this picture just because I can. These babies were free. Delux sample sized Bare Minerals lipgloss and Smashbox mascara. Being a Beauty Insider does come with its'perks... even though I can't afford anything in their store, I still nab freebies from time to time. Apparently they don't care if you spend cash, they'll still give you freebies, which is awesome news for me. ^.^

(The Pretty Amazing lip color is just that, btw...pretty amazing. Love the color, and it doesn't go on sticky. Plus, I don't feel like it disappears within minutes of application, which is a problem I come across all too often.)
On to the look:

Haha, I look super happy in the picture at the bottom, right? This pic was mainly to show you the whole look, including the confidence lipgloss.

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