Saturday, September 24, 2011

Two looks today

Since I didn't do any yesterday...Forgive me?
The first pretty, sparkly look is what I wore to work. I was going to do a blue/ green combo, then completely changed my mind. I did purple and pink instead.

I think in my mind I was trying for a pretty, ethereal fairy look. This is what I got.

Sometimes my blending is ok :)

Could not get a decent shot of this to save my life =[ Pretty Addictions eyeshadow in Bloom, Loreal HIP pigment in Fiery, Milani white shadow that I don't have a name for, Hard Candy Show Girl Glitter, Har Candy Showgirl's secret glitter glue,Hot Topic purple glitter eyeliner (used on lower lashline corners, you probably can't tell in pictures), Maybelline eyeliner in black.

The second look was one I did for an 80's music night at a local bar. I can't even remember all I used for this look, but I'm pretty sure it was just the Milani white shadow on top of a tiny bit of Urban Decay's cream shadow in Grass, both of which were on top of that black Maybelline eyeliner. Oh, and Hard Candy Lash Ink mascara.
Anyways, here's that look:

more blending!

So there you have it. I love how I look drunk in the last picture (I promise you, I wasn't).

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